The Profit Principle

“Wallander meets the Reluctant Fundamentalist” in the The Profit Principle second in the series of Karachi noir by writer S.S. Mausoof.

When a self promoting bomber threatens Karachi landmarks with social media posts, Cash is reluctantly recruited by Sindh Police to identify him. Unknown to the Police Cash has been contacted by Hukum Khan, his former torturer, to locate the bomber who now leads a splinter Taliban cell. As Cash navigates the underbelly of Karachi slums and the various communities he raises a few eyebrows as well sending signals to the CIA who continue to monitor him as a as a person of interest.

Cash has not adjusted well to Karachi life since his adventure in Waziristan. His best friend is dying, his part time lover has found a rich patron and his mother is intend in marrying Cash to his first cousin. As he seeks a compromise between warring ideologies at home and in his city, Cash is haunted by his torturous ordeal at the hands of the Taliban and has frequent memory black outs which makes him doubt events in his own past.

Cash according to his nature tries to appease the troika of the Armed forces, the Americans and those who claim to represent Allah. However, unknown to Cash the bomber hides a secret that forces Cash to play a game of deceit that can only lead to death or worse ignominy.